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Thursday, 24 December 2009

L'humeur pour du fromage...(Mood for cheese)

When it comes to eating cheese, i must say i am a new addict :) Growing up in KK the only place that i knew that sells the imported kind is in Tong Hing Supermarket and usually it cost a bomb! Hence it's not so famous in our household. But every now and then we get to taste some during dinners or functions at a hotel buffet, but that's about it. And as for the names of the cheeses bah! couldn't care less what it taste like so knowing it's name is simply out f the question! One other thing....the smell! Yes this thing does smell badly and uhhh... can't imagine how it's going to taste like going inside my mouth is another thing!

But That was then, and now....i simply loveeeeeeeeeeeee cheese :) Married to a french, made me have more courage to try out bit by bit. My husband sudgested i try "Babybel", which is usually for kids in france as they first learn or introduced to the world of cheese or du fromage in french. So i tried it and gradually i move on up a level and now i can't seemed to let it go now :) My favourite is "Comte" and also "camembert" And now after every meal a good portion of fromage is a must for me now hehehe :)

Like the french says, a good plate of fromage and a glass of wine is all they need for a wonderful meal!

Here is a collection of cheese boite or boxes or plastic wraps that i've collected especially for this blog post and now..i can get rid of them heheheh :)

well, enjoy them cheese :)

oh and there is another thing that i go gaga about too and it is called...
"Petit LU"

it's 100% beurre/ butter that is why it's yummylicious :)

my favourites :) especially during coffee break which is @ 5pm here in France :)

À bientôt

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