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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Before i caught a cold...

Hello everyone just a quick post from me coz im just trying to fill my time as i have been sick with a cold these past few days and before that i was taking these pictures in the morning and i think this is what got me in trouble with the cold now...but anyhow, hope you guys enjoy the wintery pictures from Kampung Beauvoir :)

And then after this field trip outside the house that night i had a major fever...opppss! NO more snooping around with the camera no more...and im still not well after 4 days of housebound...haiyah! well i just hope i get well soon for i have tones of things to do and rendezvous to attend to but if i'm not well i can i possibly do all that.

Anyways, to everyone happy viewing, happy shopping, happy being with your loved ones and most of all stay well :)

À bientôt

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