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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sentimental Me...

I never knew that one day it would be my turn to walk on the aisle and it was all seemed like a dream that was really beautiful and playing Princess for one day is just what everyone need to make the dream come true.

As i've promised here are some of my favourite pics taken during when i was preparing for my wedding day :)

The philippe usually say :)

The ever so helping hand of lil sis :)

The making of little barbie dolls :) Looking on is my aunt that was busy fixing up darling Hannie too :) and Cousin Eilly busy with the fix with my brilliant make up artist Ogy :)

Along the way "plop" came the BIL looking for his missing bow-tie :)

And here is my darling Hannie waiting for her turn to get her make up fix :)

Just look at them stare (Hannie) and them smiley mom (Alice) and the gaze of mademoiselle arrangeur he hehe

click! clack! click! clack! i felt like a movie star then hehehe

mademoiselle arrangeur, Mapsey -Do - A lot! :) Belle coifure bien sur!

Waiting and observing patiently for his turn to get his hair gelled hehehhe cute Severin :)

Oh weee, i finally found the missing bow ties :)

This is my stress reliever, everything just seemed calm and danddy when he is around and just being him! emmuah to my darling nephew Ferdinand and mommy Clare looking gorgeous as always :)

My one and only brother who was also monsieur arrangeur on that day! merci beaucoup my baby brother :)

Paris! Paris! Paris!
my cousin Devy is next to get fixed and dressed while my niece Coline looks on

Madame Lucy, busy overseeing the troops doing their part while baby Dinand was busy figuring out whats going on :)

excited with his role as the page boy (Severin) waiting to have his hair done :) While cousin Marine looks on Coline being fix :)

another mademoiselle arrangeur :) Belle indeed :)

Almost there.....

And of course my belle chausseur :)

mademoiselle arrangeur is busy again with her camera this time :)


à Voila! I'm all done!
And to my cousin BuBu at the background, Oui, I love you too :)

My mom seldom smile, so i guess this is the time for her to smile for i finally got hitched and so the story goes as it's been her dream to see all her children finally got married, well almost coz there is still mademoiselle arrangeur to worry about :) Mom's dress was beautiful too that day, took ages to find one that really meets her taste and finally, found it and it's a belle robe indeed :)

i will always cherish this photo of my mom and myself for it's one of the most beautiful gift ever to me from Jean Mi,
merci beaucoup :)

And many, many thanks also for my super-duper make-up artist Ogy, who happens to be my own relative. I guess she really know me for she managed to transformed a person like me who knows nothing about make-up to this. It was my first time to get all made up like this and of course mon coeur never seen me all dressed up like this either so another suprise for him :)

And here is mon coeur all set and ready to go...i must say it was a suprise to see him wear his suit too, as he only got to Malaysia one day before the wedding and so his suit was choosen by him one day before, so it was a suprise indeed :)

Awweee...look at the groom and bestman driving themselves to the church hehehehe

Mapsey took this picture and i was soooo pleased with it because..because...beacause...its in black and white and i was smilling :)

One for the road!

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And my favourite pic of all... my little niece Tasha who was being a very nice baby to wait for mamma to do her make up on me! Emmuahh munchkins!

Speacial thanks to
Contributing photographers namely:

Benny Liew


Jean Mi

To be continued...

À bientôt!


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