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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Its all about Love...

2nd part of the wedding was a dream like for me, it was dreamy and yet it was fast to reach to the final purpose of this occasion. The pictures below tells much of the story for me :)

According to mademoiselle arrangeur, Mapsey -Do - A lot we are a little bit behind the schedule so for sure mon coeur is wondering where is my bride hehehehe

Donc, here is a picture just perfect to illustrate how mon coeur is handling the jitterness of his bride being a tiny bit late :) But its ok... because armed with his two bestest man he calls them he is evidently didnt even noticed the time :)

and here is me fighting against the veil because its stincking very much to my fantastic and heavy lashes by the way :)

here my darling Daphne was trying in vainly to held the vail from touching my eye lashes hahahah

Aha.. mademoiselle arrangeur, Mapsey -Do - A lot is of course arranging my girls and boys :° they look sooo cute and handsome dont they and its one great mixture :)

And thanks to Jean Mi for this lovely snap of my brother and his family just before the ceremony begins..

And i soooooooooo love this picture! My cousin Alan was trying to console little Triny that it wont be too long now...look at them tiny hands on her daddy's shoulder.....cayanggg tuh Triny :)

Another funny moment with my fantabulous bridesmaid Daphne perhaps it was my ever so famous lashes again :)

Here is a collage of my girls and boys in their handsome attire, even the barrier of language seemes to be no problem when it comes to little ones, coline seen here trying to pujuk Trinity hehehe so cute :) Theres Rozane with her princess like dress, really cute indeed and there is my best friend's daughter Azizah so charming with her crown. The boys was in a handsome attire too. So handsome with their papillon on and especially for my cousins they are extra excited as it's their 1st time as flower boys i guess they are called or something and finally little Severin who have the biggest task of all as the Ring Bearer. He takes his job seriously indeed!

But the joy of me watching all of them in their dresses and pappilions is doubled because those dresses are quite meaningful to me because they were made by my own best friend from my childhood days and that person is Mazura Othman. Through out the process we only just communicate through emails for exchanging details on the girls measurements and along with it a photograph of the girls. So to my dearest bestest friend Zura, oyur simply amazing and your work is superb! thank you once again best of luck to your sew cute
While waiting i presume.... my best friends, Dollie, Datul and Diane
The Triple Ds hehehe
ahh..the walk on the aisle....super nervous at this moment , because i was worried i would trip myself on the red carpet hahahaha and mom and dad did a good job escorting me down the aisle. Love both of you mom and dad, never can explain how i was feeling at that moment but i knew i was going to cry with all the emotions going on... it was the moment of my life indeed.

And looking on at the far right foreground of this pic is the one and only my childhood bestfriend Sharilyn somewhere out there is Zulee too :)

Azizah and her ever so composed post, just like her dearest mummy who is my best friend since childhood and to have her daughter as one of my flower girls is just one of my happiest moments. To Syedatul and Hubby Roslan thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to steal azizah for my speacial day. Thank you both!

Here are my troops!
Elegant and beautiful just as i imagined them would be!
Thank you very much my little ones and for Marine & Hannie for being the big girls in charge that day merci and thank you and as for Coline, Trinity, Azizah and Rozanne thank you for being beautiful on that day emmuahhh to all of you fairy flowers!
And as for the boys, Bubu, Fizie, Didie, Syafiq , Baptiste and Severin, you guys rock!!

as mon coeur always say...ho ho ho, the troops is finally here...perhaps he is nervous but by the look on his face i dont think so, thats my darling mon coeur always cool and smiling all the time :)

Was unable to control my emotion just after my mom and dad hand me to Mon coeur's arms, i couldnt believe i'm finally going to be somebody's wife and that somebody is the love of my life mon coeur and away from the watchful eyes of my parents it was something very sad for me but at t he same time happy because being the eldest i'm very much attached to my parents and family and now it's my turn to live the life of what my parents had in their life before and so c'est ma vie.

Mon coeur loves this photo very much because he said he can see both my parents are happy to give me away to him for mon coeur felt very good and nice feelings about it :)

The mystery hand belongs to.....

The one and only Deacon Rayner Bisius. It was quite meaningful for me to have him made all the ceremony more beautiful and meaningful as Deacon Rayner was once in the same College as i and so it was altogether another one big reunion for me and thanks to him we managed to work things out swiftly for everything to everything thank you to all Sacred Heart Cathedral Church Staffs and amin and to our reader madame Juliet .

Hahaha sempat lagi take pictures :)

Anciously waiting and listening...

It wouldnt be Raymond & Priscilla if we didnt make anybody laugh on our big day....its a sure thing! Obligatoire say Mon coeur :))

Reading our vows and promises...

The Ring blessing

And looking at this picture for sure there is something to laugh about for one thing...mon coeur's reading glasses fell off while he was reading because his glasses broke the day before and and and...of course...

Mon coeur trying to balance his broken spectacles hehehe..poor mon coeur but managed to smile at the same time not nervous at all and for that matter...for him to make another mistake as to say his name instead of my name :))

Je t'aime mon coeur!

ANd too all that excitement raymond making the mistake alone is not fair right? so the next blunder was mine :> i put the ring on the wrong hand!! :))

Voila! the exchange of rings is finally done...donc, what else to do then to kiss the bride :)

I'm having this kiss forever in my life!

We have another suprise for the ceremony when Jean Mi's son Clemont, presented us with his beautiful composition playing his clarinet to us while we make our way to signing the Marriage Certificate. Merci Beaucoup Clemont!

The signature of life....

Oui, pendant notre vie ensemble

To all our witnesses, Robert, Jean Luc, Severeno and Clare, Thank you & Merci Beaucoup for helping us make our speacial day a remarkable day together. thank you!

Show me love moment with my best friend from Kindergarden, Zullie and looking on is also my best buddy Sharilyn and daughter Nadya

And here is my Handsome cousin Ben Nair who managed to add more love to the ceremony with his presence, thank you so much cuz! emmuah!!

The family portrait with my parents

The family portrait with all my family members

The family portrait with family and friends from France

Here all my bestfriends and friends all in one photo. Superb!!

Me and my flower boys and girls :)

A photo with my ex-collegue

With our family in Sabah

With our family in France, siblings of mon coeur

With my siblings

With some of my mom's friends

The kiss

Encore, another kiss :)

Mr & Mrs now :)

Being with someone will not make you happy, it will only make you happy-ER. After all, if you don't know what makes you happy, how can you possibly expect some stranger to figure it out? And so.. you need to do that by be happy and find Happy-ER :)

This was my title of my blog and i must say i have found my happiness and so the story goes and off we go to the time of our life together.

To everyone, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts near or far, all of you are much loved by us!


As usual, i have my favourite picture to pick and i pick this picture because i cant imagine i can have all of my best friends together like this as shown in this picture i have each and everyone of them together on my big day and that is the greatest and biggest gift of all, to my friends who have been with me through out all our lives together near or far, lets hope our friendship never ends and that it will continue to grow until the end of time...

Thank you for your love and thank you for your friendship
Love, Peace and harmony from both of us

Clarity & Mon coeur

Speacial thanks to
Contributing photographers namely:

Benny Liew


Jean Mi

À bientôt!

to be continued.....

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