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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wordless Wednesday

During my pregnancy usually I shy away from taking pictures of myself especially now that I'm at my 37 weeks on but when I saw this tree and how beautiful the colours is I just got to take a picture of me with it even just to remember and have the colours embeded in my memory and brain of how beautiful Autumn is.

So thanks to my sister in law Cecile I got my wish and this photo is now forever captured in digital :)
So when ever I'm feeling blue, sad or lack of vibrant or inspiration in my life I just have to go back to this photo and look at the colours and revive myself again and again coz there's so much colour burst to feed you with positive vibes to carry on with life and move on.

Thank you Autumn, for bringing the sparkle back in my life just when I needed it the most.
To my beloved friend Zuli, who left us recently...this vibrant colours of Autumn is perfect description that reminds me of your vibrant and beautiful smile and gentle heart.
You may not be here with us anymore but I will always have Autumn colours to remind me of you forever.
Je t'aime mon amie....

In Loving memory of  Zuli
1973 - 2015

À bientôt

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