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Friday, 22 May 2009

The Week end of Asunción - 21st May 2009

Its Asunción Day and since a couple of the family members are heading this way i decided to make some Brioche and also bread while maman made "Clafootis" for dessert :)

I made two things at one time the bread and the brioche and of course brioche needs a lot more labour then making the bread so anyhow the pictures will show the finished product and tiny bits of the process :) And unlike back in Malaysia, waiting time for the dough to rise is much faster and indoors too but somehow... eventhough its spring here, the wind is still blowing hard and so a bit cool so i had to put them outside for some sunbathing process hehehe :)

cute aren't they hehehe...actually while waiting i managed to play soccer wt my little nephew and niece and we won!!!!!! hehehehe

after raised up to the level i wanted its time to bake it and brush it with some egg yolk + milk and you get that brown crusty look like that :)

nice and smells nice too :) managed to perfumerised the whole house hehehe

thanks to my phone camera can zoom zoom so can take this pic to show slightly the inside which is nothing its just like roti butter kosong very delicious to eat with cafe :) and and and usually the recipe is with pure butter, but hmn...dont want to feel too guilty to eat it later so i used demi-sel which means semi salted.

voila! my very own Brioche from the Vendée Region:)

This is maman's fruit tart or rather they call it "Clafootis" here yummy too made from Cassis berries :)

and here is the bread...

closer look at and can you imagine i used a rice cooker to bake this :)

and finally the two yummies :)

anyways have a great weekend everyone and take care!

À bientôt!


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  1. You should consider opening up a bakery. Perhaps in kk. Boring suda balik2 makan roti Gardenia...hehe