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Sunday, 26 April 2009

My new gadget encore!!

hmnnnnn.....talking about gadgets this year i think im blessed with good tidings from a very delightful "Gadget Fairy" for i have many gadgets that i have been dreaming of having and finally got them hehhehe :)

my very own tiny candy mesin jahit or sewing machine or machine à coudre :)

its a wonderful gadget indeed for now biarlah just jadik perhiasan jah dibilik for now lah hehehe :) merci beaucoup maman et papa et mon coeur aussi :)

bah, aku pi belajar dulu macam mana mau guna ni barang nih heheh wish me luck :))

À bientôt!



  1. so cute!! so damit org brunei ckp! bah....better make sure u make ur inlaws some new outfit....heheh...GOOD LUCK!!

  2. alamak punya cute, Pris! Suka pula kau menjahit kan. Bah jangan lupa blog on your first project with this little gadget ;-)

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