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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pick & Lovin Tuesday

Pick of the lot where you pick a photo that tells you love and happiness :)

I had a special moment on Mother's Day this year,when my little one decided to take his daddy's phone and decided it's selfie time with mommy that morning and so  here are the photos of us still in our sleeping wear, just managed to grab my glasses on and voila little one go crazy with the camera botton :)
 Even more surprise later that day when her hubby  was browsing on his phone and found these photos  made him smile from ear to ear , he said best gift ever to find out he have maybve 20 or so selfie pics by her little darling taken all by herself candidly and  these pics :) a treasure indeed :)

Je t'aime mon coeur!

À bientôt

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