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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

First post for 2021 - Mandala, Quotes, Colouring & Crafty Day

I love colouring books and it's one of my favourite thing to do since forever. But the problem is I never get to finish my colouring when I started one but now that I have followers in the house not just 1 but 3 crazy crafty and artsy girls 馃榿馃憤 And normally what I can't finish there's always 1 or 2 who will finish the colouring for me :)

This particular one, I think I did it last year during the summer vacation and didn't get to finish it as usual and it was my baby #2 (Jadeydoo) who help me finished it 馃憤

I have plenty in my collection now and will post some from time to time ❤

Bisous 馃拫


Friday, 26 June 2020



My first post since June 26, 2018

This is Sentimental Me Friday that I made just so I can cling to those moments that went by way too fast in our lives  with our 3 girls and cherish it forever. If you are like me who takes photos of the children just about on any occasions and almost everyday then you will find that this is a good way to compare pics from year to year or from one month to another of yourselves and your children growing moments :) 
Besides that, I'm also using this section of my Sentimental Me Friday  post  to reminicence about my yester years of my life and also to remember my loved ones who meant so much to me and more so for my most dearest and precious loved ones who are no longer with us. It's more like my way of keeping my memory of them alive for always. 

Time flies so fast when we are having fun they say and as for my once upon a time baby girl, it was like rocket fast and now she's 9 years old already馃槶 
Miss Mumut 馃グ

馃巶 9 years of birthdays! 馃コ

We love you to the moon and back sweetheart,
 Have a wonderful Life

脌 bient么t

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Pick & Lovin Tuesday

Pick of the lot where you pick a photo that tells you love and happiness :)

When you suddenly met with a friend from school at the mall 馃槏

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Monday, 25 June 2018

Monday Blues

I get a few querries from moms asking me how did I get my girls to be interested in activities in the kitchen....well I did what most moms do I'm pretty sure and that is...


1. Encouragement

Myself and husband always try to include the children when we are preparing food together and let them see for thelmselves what they are eating and how to prepare the food as well.

Miss M started very young in her age, round about 2 years old and now she is more then interested to prepare them but more like "I know how to do it now mom" hehehe

Always make them feel they are doing a good job and that it always turns out ok and make fancy names for the food they prepare cow sometimes they dont turn out the way it should be and so we have to be creative and make funny names for the food they prepare and you will see how they will be happy with it.
Miss M have a few of her Crazy pop cakes, Crazy cup cakes, Crazychicken etc. just because it didnt turn out the way it supposed to be but it taste good anyways 馃憤
But most importantly, we see smiles from ear to ear 馃槂


2. Make your Kitchen area Kid or Children friendly

So far I haven't tried with a hot stove burner yet with the children but perhaps maybe later on when they are much more older and more confident to handle and be around flames I would certainly be advancing to that but at the moment, counter top induction cooker is the best option when we have kids and children involving in the food preparation process. Also when introducing them to kitchen gadgets make sure we help with setting up process as well and follow through up till the usage bit. After when they are used to the gadgets that we've introduced to them then maybe later we will let them set it up by themselves for example like the cake mixing machine. whether it's a hand held one or with the stand, we have to make sure that they are comfortable with the appliance first coz sometimes the sound of the machine is going to be too scary for them to work with so we have to explain the function of the machine carefully especially if there's any kind of noise involve and how it's going to work.


3. Safety comes first

We parents must always be there by their side all the time and never leave them to do things in the kitchen by themselves. Participation and commuication is the most important part coz children they get bored easily but let me tell you, for sure you will hear a lot of conversation going on in the kitchen and each time before starting any cooking or baking project with the children, first and foremost, we have to run down the safety importance with them so that they will always have the security bit in their head whenever they start any baking or cooking project.


4. Preparation

Some people say that we prepare the ingredients and then follow through the cooking project with their children. But with my children I did everything with them right from the preparation stage as I wanted them to be familiar with all the tools and ingredients needed. You will see that after doing a lot of projects with them they will start to develop the sense of familiarity and start to do it by themselves. This is what happens to miss M now she is used to prepare her crazy cakes that she now knows how much flour, sugar and butter needed to make a cake by herself makes them more confident to make decisions and give them the edge they needed to get started in the kitchen.


5. Support

Being supportive here means always be around them when they are doing a project and we have to practise alot of patience because minor accidents is sure to happen in the beginning as their built their confidence in acquiring a new ski l but be very calm about it and let them lead and you just have to guide them and point them out if they are on the verge of making an error or already made one. Trust me, they will learn more quickly this way.


6. Just have fun.

The best thing about introducing our children to the world of cooking or baking is not that we wanted them to be a Chef or a baker perfect or anything like that, it's just to help them develop an interest about it and also to have fun and create beautiful memories with them. And the most important part of all, always, always compliment them with what they have created and never mind if it doesn't look like what it's supposed to or even more, taste the way it should, the most IMPORTANT part of all is that they have created something beautiful and all by their own efforts and thats already a great thing and big accomplishment indeed.
So try this activity with them and I'm pretty sure you will hear more gigles and laughter to your heart contents and that is priceless. 

Have fun baking y'all!

脌 bient么t

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Goofy Thursday

Goofy Thursday is when I took a picture or pictures and made it funny and fun using the telephone apps and have fun with it. 

Here is my latest goofy photo :)

My little flower is blooming

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Proud of my big girl Miss M ! ❤馃憤

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Pick & Lovin Tuesday

Pick of the lot where you pick a photo that tells you love and happiness :) 

 Happiness overloaded!馃槏

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