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Lilipie - Fifth Birthday

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Sunday, 23 January 2022

52 Weeks Blogging Challenge #Week-3 ] - Make

Week 3 – Make

Bonjour and hello everyone 馃挀

This is Week 3! So what can we talk about when it comes to the word “Make”. Many things of course but for me what I’ve chosen to talk about is How my girls "make" Banana Muffins the other day and it was interesting to know that both of them, Lulut and Nenet are two of a kind. They are 15 months apart but they very much do things together all the time and hence,  it's double trouble in the kitchen too 馃榿

This is  just before their adventure in the kitchen and they were out and about for hours and eventhough it was 6°C outside 馃榿

Wednesday is off school for them as they only go to school 4 days in a week but they finished at 4.30pm everyday , and this is the time where they can do whatever they want and just explore 馃憤


The baking Idea was actually Jadeydoo's idea, because she got bored when her little sister went to the gym for her Twirling Dance Class practice for an hour and suddenly she's left with no one to play with. So to fill her time, I told her she can bake and so she jump right on to it. I just put all the ingredients and utensils that she needed for making the muffins and she did really well following the instructions and soon we had to leave to fetch miss Bunga from her dance class. But Jade was happy coz she said her little sister can help bake the muffins with her too.

Miss Bunga arrived, and the chaos begins !馃槴
But this time around it wasn't too bad because Jade had already did the hard part of making the muffin mixture itself BUT, with two of them in the kitchen at the same time , lets just say not advisable at all馃槅

But we survived!馃槣

 And here is the end product! It was really yummy indeed and already Jade was saying that she's going to try and do some blueberry muffins next! 

Well, until the next adventure with this two, au revoir and see you soooooon!!! 


脌 bient么t, and goodbye !

Friday, 21 January 2022

52 Weeks Photography Challenge week 3

Bonjour and Hello!

Welcome to the 52 Weeks Photography Challenge 2022!
I've decided to join in this photography Challenge because  I love photography and I also would like to learn more about this subject and finally I would also like to improve my photography technique? so according to @kev_mrc, the primary goal of this challenge is to help you become a better photographer. 馃憤

So this week, 52 Weeks Photography Challenge brings us to explore Nature 馃槏 Who doesn't  LOVE nature subjects. So let's go!!

So anyone interested or curious of this photography challenge to head out to Kev's blog and you will find everything you need to get going with this  52 Weeks Photography Challenge 2022!

So I guess we are lucky to be staying in a place close to the beach and forest. Almost ever weekend we take the time to get the kids out and have a wonderful stroll along the beach or the beach forest as we call it as the beach is situated next to the pine tree forest area and so usually you can go for a walk about in the forest and end the day at the beach watching the sunset.

So the photo I've put up for the challenge this week is the one I took at the beach side while waiting for the sun to set. It's my favourite view 馃挄

Anyhow, hope you guys like it and happy weekend to all of you!!

脌 bient么t and see you soon,

Sunday, 16 January 2022

52 Weeks Photography Challenge week 1 and 2

Bonjour and Hello again :)

Welcome to the 52 Weeks Photography Challenge 2022!
I've decided to join in this photography Challenge because  I love photography and I also would like to learn more about this subject and finally I would also like to improve my photography technique? so according to @kev_mrc, the primary goal of this challenge is to help you become a better photographer. 馃憤

So the first week of the Photography Challenge is STUDY. and according to to Kevin this 1st challenge involves no photography but just take the time to study and understand a little what needs to be understood befor we embarked on this kind of challenge. So studying I did. 馃槈

So, I've decided to study a little bit more in detail of what is expected of us to do, and the best thing to learn this is to start with kevin's  Photography Challenge Calendar 2022!

So anyone interested or curious of this photography challenge to head out to Kev's blog and you will find everything you need to get going with this  52 Weeks Photography Challenge 2022!

Ok, let's get going with my very first Photography Challenge!

Well, sunrise is not my favourite part of the day as usually I would rather stay in bed then out and about but the children are going to school and in France at this moment the sunrise is around 8.20am or something like that. So, just before sending the kiddies to school I suddenly remember about this challenge so  here is my version of sunrise from my side of the world 馃挀

 So, here is my Sunrise! 馃寗
See you guys next week for photography challenge week 3!! 

脌 bient么t

Saturday, 15 January 2022

52 Weeks Blogging Challenge #Week-2 ] - What about this weather

 The weather today is what  makes winter seems like Winter 馃挀

Early morning treasures 馃グ❄

Always thankful for everything ❤

Yes, watching frozen obstacle course is actually a sport in my world 馃榿馃憤 "Winter Date" with the fire place is a must馃槈馃敟

Well, happy weekend to all of you lovelies ❤✌

脌 bient么t

Saturday, 1 January 2022

52 Weeks Blogging Challenge #Week-1 ] - 2021 Sums up!

Bonjour and hello everyone.

This is the first week of the new year and I have decided to reconnect again with my blog. It’s been ages since I’ve visited my Blog. Well, this year, I hope everything is going to change and I will try not to allow procrastination to get in the way of my year of blogging again.馃憤

So, I have a few interesting things line up and one of the activities that will sort of help me to stick to writing my blog regularly would be the 52 WEEKS BLOGGING CHALLENGE and the 52 WEEKS PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE that I’m going to try and commit myself to do, so that I won’t have the time to ponder about procrastinating again. 馃構

Ok here goes 馃憣

Week 1 – 2021 Sums up!

What's more appropriate then to sum up all the events of 2021 in pictures according to months! 2021 proved to be a very challenging year for us and I'm pretty sure for everyone else as well. :) A whole lot of things happened and almost everything we do  revolves around the situation with the pandemic that's been going on and therefore Covid 19 played a big role in shaping our lives in 2021. But even so, we still get to move around and visit places during most of the holidays here.

But anyhow, New year of 2021 promised the same type of pace for us but perhaps from a new perpective :)

And this also marks my commitment to blog at least once a week as I have decided to join the 52 weeks of blogging challenge so every week I will have something to write about I hope hehehe :) So I have choosen Sunday as the day i will do my 52 weeks of blogging challenge.

So here's leaving you with a wish of a happiest slide to the new year of 2022 and hope that you guys will enjoy these pics!

January - Let it Snow!!, our 1st January Ritual at the beach and finally celebrating 脡piphanie 馃憫

February - Fleur's Birthday, more snow, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and Winter Vacation 馃尐

March- Spring is here!! Spring break.

April - Easter, tulips, Gardening, planting and vacation 馃尫

May -  Maeva's 1st Holly Communion, Gardening and family.

June - Harvesting, Maeva's Birthday, more flowers blooming, picnics etc;

July Part 1 -  Summer Vacation! Lyon  and Corsica Island 馃挀

July Part 2 - South of France, Castles and friends 馃挀

August - Lavender, Apples, Harvesting potatoes and Paris Je T'taime! 

September - Back to school! potpouri, growing pumpkins and grapes 馃崌

October -  Ch芒teau d'Angers , Autumn Festival, Terra Botanica, Pumpkin harvesting and holloween!

November - Birthdays, me and Jadeydoo, Orchid and Oriental Garden. 

December -  Hubby's Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas , New year celebration and how can we forget, the dreadful Covid! 

So here's the sum up of 2021, there were good and also bad times during this year BUT nothing that I would wanna change and more so, I'm truly grateful and thankful for what 2021 has brought to my family and me and we could just pray that the new year 2022 will be more brighter then it was before it and pray that we all will stay healthy and positive through out the whole year.

Happy New Year everyone!!

脌 bient么t

Monday, 7 June 2021

Weekend Family walks

Usually during the weekend we will try to make time with the family and go for a walk about around the neighbourhood and since we live in a place close to farms and the ocean we can find a lot of animals living around the neighbourhood and would be interesting for the kids to see no matter how many times they have seen them it's never a dull moment for them to re visit these beautiful animals  again. And what is great also is that all are within walking distance from our place so no need to go to the Zoo hehehe :) 

Also it's kinda like a common thing here in France, where after a big family lunch gatherings everyone just grab their coats and prepare the kids for the famous family walks,  well for me it's more like going for a short hike because it can get pretty far 馃榿 I recall when I first came here and don't know much about he lifestyle here back then and after having a big heavy lunch with the whole family and suddenly everyone was grabing their coats or some sorts and started to head out and before too long everyone was out and off we go for the family walk around the neighbourhood and mind you, it is not just our family who is doing it, everyone in the neighbourhood seems to be in to it too and each time you cross with another family you will hear everyone greeting one another with a nod and a quick "Bonjour" (hello) it really made a big imprerssion on me because I never experience this back home. do think it's a good idea especially after a big lunch like that , with a good walk will somehow help with the digestion and also some needed fresh air for everyone and especially for the kids to just run around and smell the fresh air outdoor 馃槏 Actually this walk about is my favourite thing to do and I'm always looking forward to it and also this is the time I can play with my cameras 馃摳馃憤

The walks that we normally have are quite long but depends really on how much time we have before the next eating session starts and this is usually the Coffee and cake time  in the afternoon or the children here calls it "go没ter a 5 heures" (break time at 5pm) This part I like very much too (gondoot kan)馃槤

These walks also promotes bonding between siblings old and young ones.  During the long walks, the children play and talk to each other more and especially  my eldest one, sometimes I depend on her to keep an eye on her two younger sisters because their mom is otherwise occupied with Mr Camera 馃摳馃槂 

This is the time where the kids can just run free and be merry 馃榿 
Example #1 My running buddy, Jadeydoo 馃弮

There is always a place for wine and no acception in Beauvoir we have small vineyards like this and  when I was youger, and books is all I have to satisfy my curiousity,  I always wonder how a vineyard looks  like. Well, here is one just around the corner and it is just starting to come out of hibernation during winter and spring time and now it's time to grow them grapes 馃崌馃嵎

Yellow bush tree and it's jolie cute 馃挀

Fresh air and sunshine indeed 馃憤

And then we have the beautiful animals that we can just walk by and visit 馃挅
In Beauvoir there are few equestrian school (Ecole d'Equitation) near by and hence a lot of horses are kept in farms around these areas. And the kids just loves them especially my eldest who is also into horse riding in our nearby stables (Ecuries)

Animals & children goes hand in hand I think. They just brings out the best smiles and gigles in them kiddies effortlessly 馃挅 #welovehorses

Pure delight and 100% happiness guaranteed 馃弴

Sometimes if we are really lucky, we get to see these fellas chillaxing in their own domain in serenity 馃 It's actually very hard to spot them but they are there and usually we have to be really quiet when passing by these areas and it helps also to have a very sharp pair of eyes like my Nikon's telegraphic lense to spot them and capture these photos. 

And along the bottom road, we get to see these spectacular beauty of the Swans that came to these exact same place every year around about winter /spring time to mate. So very thankful for nature's beauty indeed 馃憪 

And as we reach the final stage of our walk we meet with Mr Lamb. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not so we are lucky indeed. The children loves to feed them with grass available around the farm but not allowed to touch them. So we just admire them from afar and sometimes just grab some grass and throw it at them  he he he 馃悜

Waiting for some grass 馃榿

So now you maybe you guys will understand why I love this jalan2 session.  It's so relaxing and therapeutic at the same time.  All the animals are just around the corner from where we live and it's just refreshing to just go out with the kids and smell the fresh air eventhough it was cold outside he he he. 

Hopefully you everyone enjoyed looking at the pictures and hopefully I get to write about my next jalan2 session in the future which would be by the beach and the forest.

Until next time!! Au revoir, and see you soooonnnn!!


脌 bient么t

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

First post for 2021 - Mandala, Quotes, Colouring & Crafty Day

I love colouring books and it's one of my favourite thing to do since forever. But the problem is I never get to finish my colouring when I started one but now that I have followers in the house not just 1 but 3 crazy crafty and artsy girls 馃榿馃憤 And normally what I can't finish there's always 1 or 2 who will finish the colouring for me :)

This particular one, I think I did it last year during the summer vacation and didn't get to finish it as usual and it was my baby #2 (Jadeydoo) who help me finished it 馃憤

I have plenty in my collection now and will post some from time to time ❤

Bisous 馃拫


52 Weeks Blogging Challenge #Week-3 ] - Make

Week 3 – Make Bonjour and hello everyone 馃挀 This is Week 3! So what can we talk about when it comes to the word “Make”. Many things of c...